Photography Policy


Half or Full Day Passes

All photography and video shoots with clients, professional or amateur, that utilize professional equipment require a pass.

  • Professional equipment is defined as: the use of a tripod, monopod, lights, umbrellas, diffusers, detachable flash, multiple lenses, large photography bags, reflectors, props, etc
  • Additionally, shoots that are works for hire, involve client photography, or involve the exchange of money for a service rendered require a pass.

Guests with Cameras

What if I'm just a guest at Spencer Farm, but I own a SLR or DSLR "professional" camera. Can I bring this camera to photograph while visiting with my family?

  • Yes! As long as you only have the camera. The addition of multiple lenses, large photography bag, tripod, etc. will give the impression you are here for a shoot and not just visiting Spencer Farm

Liability Waiver & Proof of Liability Insurance is Required

Liability Waiver

Download, print and sign waiver. Waivers can be emailed to or brought with you when you check in. Completed waiver forms are required with a  purchased pass, You will not be permitted to use the pass if you do not provide a completed form.

SBF Liability Waiver (pdf)