Products in the market

Yoder's Meat


Yoder's Meat and Cheese is now available in our market. All-natural beef, pork and chicken. Read more, click below. 

Amish Country Cheese


We carry 25 varieties of Amish made cheeses in the old-world style. Cheese that is  truly hand crafted tastes rich and smooth.

Seasonal Produce


In our market we carry local fruit and vegetables that are in season, as well as favorites that grow better else where. Fresh watermelon, tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, and cantaloupe are just naming a few.



Rich, sweet fudge is homemade, on-site and is available in more that 12 varieties. We even make seasonal fudge, but our crowd favorite is chocolate-peanut-butter.

Ice Cream


Hand-dipped ice cream hits the spot no matter what the temperature is outside. We have 16 flavors to choose from; in a cup , cake cone or waffle cone. We all scream for ice cream.



Our pies are amazing! They are available frozen (unbaked) so you can bake at home. We also have some pre-baked in the market for slices with choice of a` la mode or whole.  

Spencer Farm Butter +


We know apple butter is a favorite topping, however, we go the extra mile and carry all of these flavors too: Apple Cherry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach and Pumpkin - yum!

Spencer Farm Preserves


Preserves are made from fruit in the form of chunks, verses jam, which is made from crushed fruit. In jelly the fruit comes in the form of fruit juice. We mainly carry preserves. We have many varieties and delicious combinations.

Seasonal Favorites


Our seasonal favorites start with shortcakes during strawberry season, add spice bars, caramel apples and persimmon pudding. Plan to be pleasantly surprised with our selections.

Roasted Nuts


We are now roasting nuts with a sweet glaze of cinnamon in our market. The aroma will draw you in and you will be thrilled because they are always served warm.

Kettle Corn


Mountain Flower Concessionaries' fresh popped Kettle Corn will be available in the market all summer long.

Slushies & Apple Cider


Do you enjoy a cold slushie? We have several flavors including apple cider slushies in the fall. You can also buy (in the fall) locally made apple cider by the  gallon (or half-gallon).

Local Honey & Maple Syrup


Pure Indiana honey from Lost Fork Valley Farms in Switzerland County and pure maple syrup from LM Sugarbush in Washington County, IN is available year round.

Spencer Farm Muffin Mixes


Our baking mixes pair nicely with our fruit. Chose from cobbler mixes, muffin mixes, scone mixes, coffee cake mixes, citrus bar mixes  and even beer bread mixes.

Frozen Fruit


Pure fruit that is individually flash frozen from Nature Blessed is always available: Blueberries, Black Raspberries, Gooseberries, Peaches, Tart Pie Cherries, Red Raspberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries

Wind Willow Mixes


Having company? Need a new appetizer?  We've got it! Cold dips, hot dips, sweet or savory as well as cheese balls. Come try them.



Unique, quality made aprons in dozens of patterns for every-day use or holidays. Different styles for women, men and children.

Kitchen Items


Containers, colandars, decorative kitchen items, cutting boards, garden flags, doormats, canning supplies, pottery and much more.