You-Pick Crops



Asparagus enthusiasts rejoice! Each spring (typically late April until mid-May) you may cut your own, or purchase pre-cut bundles of fresh grown asparagus in the market.



This is the crop we are known for. Strawberries begin to ripen at the end of May. The season is approximately 3 weeks long. We grow three varieties that peak at different times.



The blueberry fields typically begin ripening late June/early July. They are sweet, plump balls of goodness. Bushes are limited so you can plan to pre-order 10 lb box(s) if you need more! 

Red Raspberries


We have expanded our red raspberry crop in 2018 to include varieties that will last all summer beginning around the middle of June. These plump colorful berries have amazing flavor.

Sunflower Experience


New in 2019! We have planted 2.5 acres of  sunflowers for you to walk through, take your own pictures and cut flower(S) for additional cost. They will bloom for 3 weeks starting toward the beginning of July. Entry fee is $5.00 per person. 

Table Grapes


The grape season usually begins the middle of August and lasts about 4 weeks. We have three varieties: Jupiter (seedless black), Vanessa (seedless red), and Concord (seeded black).



Big beautiful mums are available all of September and October as supply lasts.  We have  red, yellow, white, rust, gold, coral, dark purple and lavender. We provide the shovel and container, you provide the muscle or you can purchase already dug mums.



Our pumpkins are raised here on the farm and come in a variety of sizes. Enjoy the hunt all of October with free hayrides out to the pumpkin patch (on the weekends only). We have Indian corn, stalks, gourds, straw bales and more fall festive items.

Christmas Trees


We have a small plantation of Scotch Pine trees available for choose-n-cut.  We also provide a large selection of the freshest Pre-Cut fir trees. We've teamed up with Mannix Farms to bring you this experience which begins November 29, 2019.

Estimated Dates for Crops

These are typical dates that crops are ready. Weather will always dictate the exact dates. As harvest time approaches we will update this calendar and post specifics on our home page. Check back regularly so you don't miss out.

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